Saturday, March 28, 2015


My PINK today is one of my Valentine roses, which is also the header of my new blog PAXTON PEOPLE---little vignettes and scenes of small-town Southern folks, who are from my memories, my imagination, a combination of the two, and perhaps from wishfuls that I DID know someone like that.  Sis and I reminisce all the time, of those "olden days," as we wonder what happened to? and Did you know that this one or that one moved to Washington/has a new grandbaby/went back to nursing school when she was fifty/endowed a chair at Ole Miss?

You’ll note that the rose is full-blown, lush with growth, bright with promise and sunshine, and that there is also a blemished bloom; I’d imagine a thorn or two down amongst the greenery, as well.

I hope you’ll drop in sometime---I’ve already put up twenty-something of the little glimpses into the people who make up the town, and will be filling it out further as time goes on. Scroll down to enter the City Limits.

I hope you’ll find someone you know, or someone you wish you did, and you’ll always be welcome in Paxton.   It's a kind-memoried little place, with its streets shady and its people just who they are, and where you can always walk in the soft Summer rain.

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  1. Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers ever. I dearly enjoy all. This is truly a beauty. Will be glad when the weather gets where mine will bloom. Appreciate your visit and comment very much. I do not use Google connect so I do not know how to follow you.